Pains, aches, strains, bruises

Muscle pain and cramps

Back pain reliefEpsom salt baths are frequently used to help to relieve muscle pain, tension and cramps.

Weather you have sore  muscles after a serious workout,  a stiff back after a whole day spent working at your desk or aching feet from standing or walking all day long,   an Epsom salt soak bath is a great way to ease the stiffness and sooth the muscle discomfort.  Many athletes use Epsom salt to help their bodies recover faster. Apart from other beneficial effects, Epsom salt is said to reduce the lactic acid in the muscles, so a hot Epsom salt bath after a workout can help you to avoid aching muscles.  Muscle cramps have often to do with magnesium deficiency- an Epsom salt soak bath might be a good way to fight them.

How does Epsom salt work to reduce the swelling? Read more!

Epsom salt joint pain reliefJoint pain


Strains and bruises

Strain after work outSoaking in Epsom salt bath is a popular remedy for treating sprains and fading bruises.

Soak for 15 to 30 minutes in warm water to which 2 cups of bath salt has been added (for a standard sized bathtub). Epsom salt helps to reduce the swelling and numb the pain.



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